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Friday, July 28, 2006

Tittle concentrations

Where do you find the most Tittles?
Surname Profiler is a great site which enables you identify where instances of your surname are most concentrated.
It seems that the most Tittles can be found in the North West of England in the county of Cheshire. The 1881 census shows Crewe as the top Tittle area, but by 1998 this Tittle title had passed to Warrington. The top Tittle town is shown as Tarporley in Cheshire, which is between Crewe and Warrington. The 1998 map (left) shows that quite a colony of Tittle's now seems to have settled in Herefordshire.
You are six time more likely to find a Tittle in the United States than in Britain. Alabama is the top Tittle state with five times more Tittles than the average for the USA.
Surname Profiler also tells us where Tittles are concentrated according to Mosaic social profiles. And it appears that over four times more Tittles are found in the category of Corporate Chieftains than any other. As Mosaic explains: Corporate Chieftains contains very wealthy people, many of whom are senior business managers, living in large detached houses in outer metropolitan suburbs. Where did I miss out?
It also reveals that our name is high status (only 8% of people have higher status names) and urban (90% of names are more rural than ours).


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