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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Tittle places: Tittleshall, Norfolk
Tittleshall is a village in Norfolk, England about 20 miles East-North East of Norwich. The picture (left) shows Tittleshall village hall.
One evening in the late 1980s when I lived in South London I went to collect a take-away curry which I had ordered on the telephone. When I announced myself as Mr Tittle I received the reply; “Which Mr Tittle?” Now I reckon the chance of meeting another Tittle that I don’t know, while collecting a take-away curry is about 10,000 to 1.
Once I had met the other Mr Tittle and we had both remarked upon the co-incidence he said "I suppose you know about Tittleshall". His story was that our family hailed from Tittleshall, that it had once been the capital of England and that we had been royalty of some sort. It all sounded nonsense to me; the sort of family myth that gets handed down and embellished through the generations.
Does anyone know anything about this story?
There is an, unfortunately poorly maintained and occasionally faulty, Tittleshall website here.


  • At 4/8/06 5:21 pm, Anonymous Mark Tittle said…

    I was the person you met in the indian in Brockley.
    The Tittleshall story is that there was a viking calle Woofa the Boneless (meaning indistructable, not that he was a Great Dane) he had a son called Tyttyla. They were both much loved and respected in the area and tyttyla had a hill named after him, Tittles Hill, aka Tittleshall.
    Interestingly Woofa also started the Chiltern 100s, the first footings of our monarchy, so move over Charles.

  • At 5/8/06 9:00 pm, Blogger Tittle said…

    Thanks Mark
    Since getting your comment I have been trying to get to the bottom of this story. The Viking reference through me off the scent initially, because it appears that the Wuffings (as the dynasty is called) were not Vikings but Angles. Wuffa founded the Kingdom of East Anglia around 520 uniting the North Folk and the South Folk. His son Tyttla came to the throne in 578 and seems to have ruled until 593. The dynasty lasted off-and-on for about 350 years before being conquered by the Danish Vikings.
    So far I have not been able to verify the connection between Tyttla and Tittleshall, although it sounds credible as hyll is an Anglo-Saxon word. Neither can I establish a connection with the surname Tittle. But let’s keep trying. If anyone can add anything to this, please post a comment.
    The authority on these matters seems to be Dr Sam Newton. You can visit his web site here.

  • At 9/8/06 9:00 am, Blogger Tittle said…

    Further rooting around has revealed a more authoritative derivation of Tittleshall. The final syllable is not derived from ‘hill’ but ‘hahl’ . It therefore means “Tyttel’s nook of land”, a nook being a corner, small hollow or just a parcel of land.

  • At 20/7/11 5:15 pm, Blogger JNBLT said…

    Anthony Tittle, Sr. was born about 1731 in Bethel Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. HIs wife was Ann (Unknown Surname). Anthony owned the Goblintown Gristmill as evidenced by deeds and legal documents.

    The latest information on Anthony estimates his birth at abt 1731, place unknown. a recent record shows him on an "Estate Settlement" document along with George and Peter Tittle dated 1751 for the deceased John Tittle of Lancaster Co, Pa. he is also listed on tax lists for East Hanover,Pa for years 1750 & 1751. He was a witness for a "deed transaction" for Peter Tittle in Carlisle,Pa Jul 1755. Earliest records for Anthony in Va begin in Pittsylvania Co as there was no Henry Co,Va until 1777. A correspondent says there is a record or records in Halifax Co,Va. I'm waiting for that. there is uncertainty as to when and where Anthony died as it has not been determined if there was an Anthony,Jr in some later records. to my knowledge there are no "records" of birth dates or locations for the sons of Anthony. only guesses and speculation. I will welcome any records that will shed light on this family outline and their descendants. I do not know of any records for Anthony's wife Ann other than the one where she relinquishes dower. No date of birth, nor location, nor marriage, or maiden name. also there is again the change of name from Ann to Nancy just prior to 1800 leaving the question of whether or not there were one or two Anthonys or two wives. it is all very confusing without authentic records. M. A. "Buddy Taylor, Georgia

    Anthony & George Tittle appear on an assessment list, Lancaster Co., Pa in 1750.
    George, Anthony & Peter Tittle post administration bond for John Tittle, deceased, Lancaster Co., Pa in 1751.
    Land grant to Wm. Sharp, assignee of George Tittle on 12 December 1801, 264 acres in Henry Co., Virginia. Survey date 10 September 1786, land in Henry County on the south branch of Goblin Town Creek. The land is described as 'beginning at Anthony Tittle's corner white oak' etc. Source: Virginia Land Office, Grants & Patent Book 49, page 571.

    Peter Tittle (Lebanon Twp) m. Mary Hough (Lebanon Twp) 13 Oct 1748
    * John Tittle Signed "Oath of Allegiance" same day as Anthony and George. No record for children but is probable parent of John Tittle of Washington Co,Tn
    * George Tittle married Mary Cooper List of "Heirs" from "Estate Settlement Document": Peter Tittle, Mary Ann Chappell, Elizabeth English/Ashford, d-i-l Mary Tittle, Fannie Mae Gunter, Susannah Haile (Hale).
    spouse 2 Susannah Walling Children: Samuel C, Nancy, Lorenzo Dow.


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